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Distributed Systems

This joint lecture of Prof. Fischer and Prof. Schindelhauer the following topics are discussed: system models
, network types, forms of communications
, time, global states, consistency, coordination,
 distributed transactions
, replication, and 
modeling of distributed applications.

Joint lecture of Prof. Dr. Peter Fischer and Prof. Dr. Christian Schindelhauer
Special lecture in the specialization Information Systems


  • 18.09.2014: Location of oral exams (second round): All exams will be held in Prof. Fischer's office, 051-01-026
  • 28.04.2014: First lecture
  • 15.05.2014: First exercise


After an introduction into the world of distributed systems we discuss the following topics.

  • System models
  • Networks and Communication
  • Time and global states
  • Consistency and coordination
  • Distributed transactions
  • Replication

Building upon this several specialized current topics from the following areas will be covered.

  • Mobile distributed systems
  • Distributed web-based systems
  • Distributed Multi-Threading
  • Peer-to-Peer networks


Lecture (Peter Fischer and Christian Schindelhauer)

  • Monday, 14:00 - 16:00 c.t., Room 101-01-009/013
  • Thursday, 14:00 - 16:00 c.t., Room 101-01-009/013

Exercise (Christian Ortolf)

  • Thursday, 14:00 - 16:00 c.t., Room 101-01-009/013


For this lecture a forum is available. Here, substantive and organizational questions can be discussed. A registration is not necessary. 


Lecture/Exercises dates

Time Table
1  Mo 28.04.2014  Lecture 1st part: Introduction, slides chapter 1 , commentedrecording Schindelhauer
  Th 01.05.2014  Holiday    
2 Mo 05.05.2014  Lecture  System models, slides chapter 2commentedrecording  Schindelhauer
3  Th 08.05.2014  Lecture  Time & global states, slides chapter 3commented 1commented 2recording  Schindelhauer
4  Mo 12.05.2014  Lecture  Lamport clocks & consistent cuts,  slides chapter 3commented  recording  Schindelhauer
 5  Th 15.05.2014  Exercise Time & global states pdf  Ortolf
 6  Mo 19.05.2014  Lecture  Distributed Debugging, Distributed mutual exclusion slides chapter 3slides chapter 4commented part 1commented part 2 recording  Schindelhauer
 7  Th 22.05.2014  Exercise Lamport clocks, pdf  Ortolf
 8  Mo 26.05.2014  Lecture  Mutual exclusion, election, slides chapter 4commentedrecording  Schindelhauer
   Th 29.05.2014  Holiday    
 9  Mo 02.06.2014  Lecture  Multicast, consensus, Byzantine generals, slides chapter 4commentedrecording  Schindelhauer
 10  Th 05.06.2014  Lecture  Byzantine generals, slides chapter 4,  commentedPaxos, slides chapter 5commented, recording  Schindelhauer
   Mo 09.06.2014  Holiday    
   Th 12.06.2014  Holiday    
 11  Mo 16.06.2014  Exercise   Consensus pdf  Ortolf
   Th 19.06.2014  Holiday    
 12  Mo 23.06.2014  Lecture  2nd part: Introduction and Motivation: slides overviewslides chapter 6 commented recording  Fischer
 13  Th 26.06.2014  Lecture  Introduction recovery: slides chapter 6 (extended)commented. Distributed system architectures: (slides chapter 7)  commented. No video due to technical problems  Fischer
 14  Mo 30.06.2014  Lecture Distributed concurrency control (slides chapter 8chapter7 commentedchapter 8 commented recording  Fischer
 15  Th 03.07.2014  Exercise  Concurrency control, recovery pdf solution  Fischer
 16  Mo 07.07.2014  Lecture Reliability (slides chapter 9recording  Fischer
 17  Th 10.07.2014   Lecture  Replication (slides chapter 10commented 9commented 10recording  Fischer
 18  Mo 14.07.2014  Lecture  Transactional Systems (slides chapter 11 (with 10)commented recording, Petri Nets [part I] (slidesrecording  Fischer
 19  Th 17.07.2014   Exercise  Distributed oncurrency control, reliability pdf solution  Fischer
 20  Mo 21.07.2014  Lecture  Petri Nets [part II] slides commented recording  Fischer
 21  Th 24.07.2014  Lecture  Petri Nets [part III] slides commented1 commented2 recording  Fischer
 22  Mo 28.07.2014  Lecture

 Petri Nets [part IV] slides commented recording

 23  Th 31.07.2014  Exercise  Petri Nets pdf solution  Fischer


All material is available at a web directory . 


Exercises are voluntary and can be submitted using this Web Portal.

  1. Exercise  (2014/05/08, Discussion 2014/05/15) pdf
  2. Exercise  (2014/05/15, Discussion 2014/05/22) pdf
  3. Exercise  (2014/06/05, Discussion 2014/06/16) pdf



There will be an oral exam in the examination period. Please register on-line using the campus management system. There are no requirements for the registration and please observe the registration deadline.


  • Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design, Jean Dollimore, George Coulouris, Tim Kindberg, 3rd edition, Pearson Studium, 2002.
  • Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms, Andrew Tanenbaum, Maarten van Steen, 2nd edition, pearson Studium, 2007
  • Principles of Distributed Database Systems, M.T. Özsu, P. Valduriez, 3rd edition, Springer, 2001. [Part II of the lecture]
  • Transactional Information Systems, G. Weikum, G. Vossen, Morgan Kaufmann, 2002.
  • Further references will be published here during the lecture.