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Lecture Introduction to Cryptography SoSe 2024

Introduction to the basic mathematics and methods of cryptography.


  • 05.04.2024: Web-site online
  • 08.03.2024: ILIAS web site online
  • 16.04.2024: First lecture 10ct in  051-00-034


Except basic mathematics, no requirements are needed to particpate in this lecture.


We start with security objectives, Kerckhoffs's principle, and some terminology. Then, we provide a survey of the current methods available, such as Symmetric-Key Ciphers (e.g., AES) and one-time pads; cryptographic hash functions; Public-Key Ciphers (e.g., RSA, ElGamal). Later on, we will focus on interactive proof systems and Zero-Knowledge proofs. If time permits, we will also discuss Quantum Cryptography and Lattice Cryptography.



  • Lecture: Tuesday, 12-14, 101-00-036, Christian Schindelhauer
  • Exercises: Thursday, 12-14, 101-00-036, Christian Schindelhauer


We have a 2h lecture and a 2h exercise class. Participation is voluntary. The lecture will be recorded and published on ILIAS. The exercise class will not be recorded. Exercise sheets will be published on ILIAS on Thursday. Submission is voluntary. There are no points nor minimum requirements to participate in the exam.


If more than 12 students are registered for the exam, a written exam with a duration of 90 minutes will take place. Otherwise there will be oral exams. Please register online using the HisInOne-system.


  • Introduction to Cryptography, Principles and Applications, Hans Delfs, Helmut Knebl, Springer 2015
  • Einführung in die Kryptographie, Johannes Buchmann, Springer, 2009
  • Further literature will be given during the lecture