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Algorithms for Radio Networks

Lecture of Prof. Christian Schindelhauer


  • 25.10.2011, 16:15, First Lecture
  • 17.10.2011: Web-page online
  • 16.12.2011 Certificate in websystem changed


Radio Networks may be cellular networks, ad hoc networks, hybride networks, or wireless sensor networks. For these types of networks we present and discuss algorithms.

Cellular networks are widely von from mobile telephone networks and wireless local area networks. All communication is redirected over base stations. Direct communications between the participants of the network does not take place. Topics here are OFDM, Smart Antennae, MIMO, Voronoi graphs, Handover problems and the frequency assignment problem.  

Ad hoc networks do not use any extra infrastructure. Participants communicate directly and provide the routing necessary to deliver messages over multiple hops. We discuss medium access, and the main routing algorithms. Furthermore we will have a look into mobility of participants resulting in so-called mobile ad hoc networks.

Wireless sensor networks connect devices with sensors and actuators. Such networks use only relatively simple hardware for computation and communication. The key problem is the energy consumptions since such networks have to be sustained for months and years on single cell batteries. We discuss this energy problem and ways to overcome it like data aggregation and energy harvesting. Besides these topics we also present network coding, security in networks, and multiplexing techniques.



  • Lecture
    • Wednesday, 10:15 - 12:00 c.t., Building 101 - 01-016
    • Tuesday, 16:15 - 17:00 c.t., Building 101 - 01-016
  • Exercises
    • Tuesday, 17:00 - 18:00 c.t., Building 101 - 01-016


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  • Lecture 00: Organization, pdf (25.10.2011)
  • Lecture 01-A: Basics of Radio Networks, pdf (25.10.2011)
  • Lecture 01-B: Fourier-Transformation, pdf (26.10.2011)
  • Lecture 01-C: Multiplexing, pdf (26.10.2011)
  • Lecture 02-A: OFDM, pdf (2.11.2011)
  • Lecture 02-B: Smart Antennas, pdf (3.11.2011)
  • Lecture 02-C: Voronoi & Delauney, pdf (8.11.2011)
  • Lecture 03-A: Voronoi Complexity, pdf (9.11.2011)
  • Lecture 03-B: Handover, pdf (15.11.2011)
  • Lecture 03-C: Frequency Assignment, pdf (15./16.11.2011)
  • Lecture 04-A: Aloha, CSMA pdf (22.11.2011)
  • Lecture 04-B: MACA pdf (23.11.2011)
  • Lecture 04-C: MACAW pdf(23.11.2011)
  • Lecture 05-A: Flooding and DSR pdf(29.11.2011)
  • Lecture 05-B: Distance-Vector Routing, Link-State-Routing pdf(30.11.2011)
  • Lecture 05-C: AODV pdf (06.12.2011)
  • Lecture 06-A: Link Reversal pdf
  • Lecture 06-B: OLSR pdf
  • Lecture 06-C: ZRP pdf
  • Lecture 06-D: Geometric Routing pdf
  • Lecture 07-A: Localization pdf
  • Lecture 07-B: Mobility Models pdf
  • Lecture 07-C: Random Mobility Considered Harmful pdf
  • Lecture 08-A: WSN Intro pdf
  • Lecture 08-B: WSN Problems pdf
  • Lecture 08-C: WSN: MAC STEM, Preamble Sampling, S-MAC pdf
  • Lecture 09-A: WSN MAC, T-MAC, B-Mac pdf
  • Lecture 09-B: WSN Data aggregation: Functions, Steiner trees pdf
  • Lecture 09-C: WSN Data aggregation: Approximation of Steiner trees pdf
  • Lecture 10-A: WSN Sensor Coverage pdf
  • Lecture 10-B: WSN Lifetime pdf
  • Lecture 10-C: WSN Power Management for Energy Harvesting pdf
  • Lecture 11-A: Routing as a Flow Problem pdf
  • Lecture 11-B: Network Coding pdf
  • Lecture 11-C: XOr in the Air, COPE pdf
  • Lecture 12-A: Security pdf
  • Lecture 12-B: Cryptography pdf
  • Lecture 12-C: Wireless Security pdf

will appear here prior to the lecture


  • Lecture 01 (25.10.2011): 00,01-A Organizsaiton, Basics  mp4
  • Lecture 02 (26.10.2011): 01-A, 01-B  Basics, Fourier  mp4
  • Lecture 03 (02.11.2011): 01-C, 02-A Multiplexing, OFDM  mp4
  • Lecture 04 (08.11.2011): 02-B, Smart Antennas  mp4
  • Lecture 05 (09.11.2011): 02-C, Voronoi Diagrams mp4
  • Lecture 06 (15.11.2011): 03-A, Voronoi Diagrams mp4
  • Lecture 07 (16.11.2011): 03-B, 03-C, Handover & Frequency Assignemt mp4
  • Lecture 08 (22.11.2011): 04-A, MAC, Aloha mp4
  • Lecture 09 (23.11.2011): 04-B, 04-C, MACA, MACAW mp4
  • Lecture 10 (29.11.2011): 05-A: Flooding DSR mp4
  • Lecture 11 (30.11.2011): 05-B: DSR Cache, Distance-Vector mp4
  • Lecture 12 (06.12.2011): 05-C AODV mp4
  • Lecture 13 (07.12.2011): 06-A, 06-B, 06-C Link-Reversal, OLSR, ZRP mp4
  • Lecture 14 (13.12.2011): 06-D Geometric Routing mp4
  • Lecture 15 (14.12.2011): 07-A Localization mp4
  • Lecture 16 (20.12.2011): 07-B Mobility Models mp4
  • Lecture 17 (21.12.2011): 07-C Mobility considered harmful mp4
  • Lecture 18 (10.01.2012): 08-A Wireless Sensor Networks, Introduction mp4
  • Lecture 19 (11.01.2012): 08-A, 08-B, Wireless Sensor Networks, Introduction, Problems mp4
  • Lecture 20 (17.01.2012): 08-C WSN-MAC I mp4
  • Lecture 21 (17.01.2012): 09-A, 09-B, WSN-MAC II, Data Aggregation: B-Mac mp4
  • Lecture 22 (24.01.2012): 09-B, 10-A, Data Aggregation: Voronoi-Trees, Approximationsmp4
  • Lecture 23 (25.01.2012): 10-B, 10-C WSN, Sensor Coverage, Lifetime mp4
  • Lecture 24 (31.01.2012): 10-C, 11-A Lifetime Energy Harvesting mp4
  • Lecture 25 (01.02.2012): 11-A, 11-B, Energy Harvesting, Routing as a flow Problem mp4
  • Lecture 26 (07.02.2012): 11-C Network Coding mp4
  • Lecture 27 (08.02.2012): 11-C, 12-A: Network Coding, Security mp4
  • Lecture 28 (14.02.2012): 12-A: Security mp4
  • Lecture 29 (15.02.2012): 12-B, 12-C: Cryptography, Wireless Security mp4



Submit solutions over our websystem. Deadline for exercise submission is Monday evening 11:59 pm.


There will be oral exams at the end of the lecture. Students are allowed to use a selection of their exercise solutions in the exam. To be selected the solution should be submitted to the tutor during the semester within the deadline, also a review has to be done on the solutions of five peers. Furthermore, non relevant or wrong solutions may not be selected.


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  • current research works in this area