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Algorithms for Computer Networks (Sommer 2018)

Seminar for master students of Computer Science and Embedding Systems discussion current and classic research in the area.


  • 13.04.2018: web page online
  • 13.04.2018: ILIAS-page online


  • 18.04.2018: 16:15 room 051-00-031 – First meeting
  • Wednesday 16:15 room 051-00-031 – Kickoff presentations, starting 30.08.2018
  • 23.07.2018 9:15-12:15 in 052-02-017
  • 24.07.2018 9:15-16:15 in 052-02-017


We discuss up-to-date topics of distributed algorithms, cryptography, coding theory, and wireless communication.

  1. Cryptography
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  2. Localization
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  3. Block Chain, Bitcoins etc.
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  4. Stabilisation, Robot flocking etc.
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  5. Wireless Sensor Networks
    1. Ferrari, Federico, et al. "Efficient network flooding and time synchronization with glossy." Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN), 2011 10th International Conference on. IEEE, 2011.
    2. Basagni, Stefano, Chiara Petrioli, and Dora Spenza. "CTP-WUR: The collection tree protocol in wake-up radio WSNs for critical applications." Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC), 2016 International Conference on. IEEE, 2016.
    3. Sutton, Felix, et al. "Zippy: On-demand network flooding." Proceedings of the 13th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems. ACM, 2015.


For a successful participation you have to 

  1. Give a 15 minute kickoff presentation (1/6)
  2. Write a written (max) 5 page report (LaTeX) until 12.07.2018 and upload it using ILIAS (1/6)
  3. Give a 30 minute final presentation during the block seminar (1/2)
  4. Survive the 15 minute discussion after your presentation (1/6)

All presentations will be recorded and will be made accessible to the participants. 


Registration online with the University system before and after the presentation of topics. Please register also on ILIAS-page. 

First name Last name No. Title Supervisor Kickoff date Presen- tation date  ILIAS login
Samuel Steinegger  1.1. Direct minimum-knowledge computations Schindelhauer 06.06.18 23.07.18 09:15 ss315
Sebastian Aschenbrenner 1.3. A fast mental poker protocol Schindelhauer 06.06.18 23.07.18 10:00 sa146
Andrea Bucci 1.4. On the Security of the Repaired Mental Poker Protocol Schindelhauer 06.06.18 23.07.18 10:45 ab863
Paul Willi 5.1. Efficient network flooding and time synchronization with glossy  Schindelhauer  06.06.18 23.07.18 11:30


Karsten Fix 4.2. Self-stabilizing distributed stable marriage Köhler 30.05.18 24.07.18 09:15 kf117
Bithiah Yuan 3.8. Double-spending fast payments in bitcoin Ortolf 30.05.18 24.07.18 10:00 by19
Ravi Shankar Chintalapati 3.7. The Miner's Dilemma Schillinger 30.05.18  24.07.18 10:45 vc35
Sharmeela Ashwin 3.3. Information propagation in the bitcoin network Schillinger 30.05.18

24.07.18 11:15

Anna Windbühler 3.4. The Tangle Schillinger 30.05.18 24.07.18 13:05 aw281
Tobias Demmler 3.5. Ethereum: A secure decentralised generalised transaction ledger Ortolf 30.05.18 24.07.18 13:50 td87




  • Registration and kickoff presentations, Wednesday, 16-18, 051-00-031
  • Kickoff presentations 30.05.2018, 06.06.2018
  • Block seminar 23.07./24.07.2018 in 052-02-017