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Introduction to Cryptography (Summer 2020)

Introduction to the basic mathematics and methods of cryptography.

Special lecture in the specialization Information Systems


  • 06.10.2020: Oral exam Mironova Katriaryna at 10:00 in 051-002-007
  • 06.10.2020: Written exam 06.10.2020, 1pm- 3pm, 082-00-006 - important information
  • 01.10.2020: 2nd extra date for written exam, 11am-12:30pm, room 051-02-007 (register in the forum!)
  • 09.09.2020: 1st extra date for written exam 09.09.2020, 1pm-3pm. Room 051-02-007  (register in the forum! Bring this signed form to the exam!)
  • 09.09.2020: oral exams in 051-02-007 - Please bring out the following signed form
    • 10:00 Justine Jaeyoung Kim
    • 10:30 Milan Müller
    • 11:00 Chesney Tsai
    • 11:30 Alexander Weinmann
  • 23.04.2020: Number of places has been increased from 40 to 80. Please try to re-register, if necessary.
  • 28.04.2020: ILIAS online
  • 11.05.2020: First inverted classroom setting.  


Symmetric-Key Cryptography: DES, AES, Public-Key-Cryptography: RSA, El-Gamal, Cryptographic Protocols, One-Way-Functions, One-Time Pads, Quantum Cryptography, Lattice Cryptography

This is an introductory course without any prerequisite knowledge of other lectures is needed.


The full course will be an online course. The time events are used for inverted classroom sections and interactive exercise classes. All material will be made available on the ILIAS-System. Please note that it is not necessary for the exam to participate in these sessions, yet strongly recommended.

The interaction at the beginning of the course takes place via video meetings.

Lecture,  inverted classroom, exercise

  • Christian Schindelhauer
    • Monday, 10:15 - 12:00 
    • Thursday, 10:15 - 12:00

Forum, Recordings & Exercises

Can be found in the ILIAS-System.


  1. Session 01: 11.05.2020, 10:15 using Webex, Password: rMe3NTt3GR5
    • Topics: Organization, Introduction, History
    • Before the season see video Session 01 
    • Log in on ILIAS during session
  2. Session 02: 14.05.2020, 10:15 using Webex Password: DFusFJ6NX64
    • Topics: DES


In case there are more than 10 students there will be an written exam in the examination period. Otherwise an oral exam will take place. Please register on-line using the campus management system. There are no requirements for the registration and please observe the registration deadline. 


  1. Introduction to Cryptography, Principles and Applications, Hans Delfs, Helmut Knebl, Springer 2015
  2. Einführung in die Kryptographie, Johannes Buchmann, Springer, 2009