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Ubiquitous Computing Lab (Corona Edition)



This lab is a cooperation between the chair of Computer Architecture and the chair of Computer Network and Telematics:


In this lab, you are going to develop an outdoor scavenger hunt. You will work in group of up to 3 students.

Due to rising Corona infection numbers, meetings in real life are next to impossible. Instead, this lab is a great chance to practice your skills in working with collaboration tools like github and slack.


All meetings are going to take place online in Big Blue Button. Click here to enter the meeting room.


In recent years Prof. Y has been working on perfecting an AI. It is incredibly powerful (and might even solve the energy crisis or provide a solution the Corona pandemic), however, it must not fall into the wrong hands. Prof. Y has hidden hints about the identities and location of his collaborators at the Faculty of Engineering. A couple of days ago, Prof. Y mysteriously disappeared. He has entrusted you with the location of the first hint, and it is now up to you to uncover his whereabouts and maybe the secret to the perfect AI ...