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Introductory Seminar Algorithms for Computer Networks (Winter 2023/2024)


  • 1st meeting, 16.10.2023, 12 noon, 106-00-007
  • ILIAS page created


  • 1st meeting, 16.10.2023, 12 noon, presentation of the topics, assignment of topics via ILIAS
  • Week 43: How does science work?
  • CW 44: Plagiarism, scientific misconduct
  • CW 45: Literature Review, Scientific Presentation
  • CW 46-51, 2023, CW 2-CW 6: Presentations of the participants


The participants work in groups of two and present research and technologies in the field of computer networks on the basis of their own research or given work.

Examinations/Academic Achievements

  1. Summary of a maximum of 3 pages in LaTeX exported as PDF (1/4)
  2. 30-minute presentation with slide deck (deadline for slides: Wednesday before the presentation date) (1/2)
  3. 15-minute successful Q&A session (1/4)

All presentations will be recorded. The report and the set of slides will be uploaded to ILIAS by the participants.


  1. Illumination
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  2. Localization
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  3. Internet
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  4. Peer-to-Peer
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  5. Cryptography
    1. Maurer, U., 2009, June. Unifying zero-knowledge proofs of knowledge. In International Conference on Cryptology in Africa (pp. 272-286). Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg.



Register for the event online and also in the ILIAS system.

Name ILIAS Abbreviation Topic No Topic Lecture date Report
 Engel/Jehle LE123/DJ60  1A  Art Gallery  20.11.2023   08.01.2024
 Herwig/Reitmeir MH1346/TR224  1G  Floodlights  20.11.2023  08.01.2024
 Caci/Kibler ZC16/MK1530  1E  Diffuse Reflection  27.11.2023  15.01.2024
 Abbas/Jaffal AA394/HJ69  4F  Bitcoin  27.11.2023  15.01.2024
 Huth LH660  2A  Room Modeling  04.12.2023  22.01.2024
 Ettner LE183  2B  Echoes Room Shape  04.12.2023  22.01.2024
 Saiger SS1722  2D  Shapes from Echoes  11.12.2023  05.02.2024
Bun/Stampone RD108/VS224  3A  Overbot  11.12.2023  05.02.2024
Divine/Frederick TG202/JF375  4A  Chord on Demand  18.12.2023  05.02.2024
Peach/Pink TP135/PR132  4B  Trust WWW  18.12.2023  05.02.2024
 Di Biase/Qelibari/Aranda Fehrenbach MD509/RQ3/TA136  3B  TCP Congestion  08.01.2024  11.12.2023
 Junghans/Litkevych FJ84/AL525  4C  Topological Self-Stab.  15.01.2024  11.12.2023
 Xi YX15  4D  Network Coding  15.01.2024  11.12.2023
 Lachmann/Schuhmacher JL469/MS2061  4E  Distributed Ledger  22.01.2024  18.12.2023
 Janzen/Roters/von Waldenfels DJ57/FR269/OV26  5A  Zero-Knowledge Proofs  05.02.2024  18.12.2023


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