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Seminar Algorithms for Computer Networks (Summer 2023)

This is a seminar to be offered in the Summer semester 2023 for Master students in Computer Science and Embedded Systems Engineering

Christian Schindelhauer & Sneha Mohanty


  • 20.04.2023 4pm-6pm – 1st Meeting in room 052-02-017.


  • 20.04.2023 4pm-6pm – 1st Meeting in room 052-02-017.
  • 24.04.2023 – submit 3 topics of your choice to ILIAS forum (no meeting)
  • 08.05.2023 – Topic assignment (see results here – no meeting)
  • 24.07.2023 9am-4pm (051-00-031) – Block seminar day 1
  • 25.07.2023 9am-4pm (051-00-031)  – Block seminar day 2


We discuss up-to-date topics of distributed algorithms, cryptography, localization and wireless communication. Topics appear here soon. 

  1. Localization
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  2. Cryptography
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  3. Visual Complexity and Cryptography
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  4. MIMO and Near-Field
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  5. Peer-to-Peer Networks
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  6. Internet of Things
    1. Chang, J.Y., 2015. A distributed cluster computing energy-efficient routing scheme for internet of things systems. Wireless personal communications, 82, pp.757-776.


  • AG: Andrea Gabbrielli (gabbrielli at telocate dot de)
  • CS: Christian Schindelhauer (schindel at tf dot uni dash freiburg dot de)
  • JB: Joan Bordoy (bordoy at informatik dot uni dash freiburg dot de)
  • SM: Sneha Mohanty (mohanty at informatik dot uni dash freiburg dot de)
  • SN: Saptadi Nugroho (saptadinugroho at gmail dot com)
  • WX: Wenxin Xiong (xiongw at informatik dot uni dash freiburg dot de)


For a successful participation you have to 

  1. Write a written (max) 3-5 pages report (LaTeX) and upload it using ILIAS until 10.07.2023 (1/4)
  2. Give a 30 minute final presentation during the block seminar (upload slides to ILIAS) (1/2)
  3. Survive the 15 minute discussion after your presentation (1/4)

Presentations may be recorded.  Attendance to all final presentations is mandatory.


The following schedule is a draft version. In case you want to change (or quit). Let us know!


ILIASLast NameFirst NameTopicShort TitleSupePresentation Date
mh595 Herrmann Matthias 12 Blind Localization JB 24.07.2023 9:00
sf251 Friedrich Sebastian Felix 13 Localization Unsynchronized JB 24.07.2023 9:45
nk385 Kabbur Nikhil 16 SAILoc AG 24.07.2023 10:30
lf312 Franz Lukas 17 Ultrasonic Indoor AG 24.07.2023 11:15
mn232 Nichterlein Melissa 21 Helios CS 24.07.2023 13:00
ba81 Alshahab Bashar 23 SPNZKArg CS 24.07.2023 13:45
hl169 Henrik Leisdon 24 Bullet Proof CS 24.07.2023 14:30
al400 Lenitschek Alex 25 Mental Poker CS 24.07.2023 15:15
br124 Robens Benjamin 31 Not Illuminable SM 25.07.2023 9:00
nn94 Nock Noah 34 Billiard Ball Boundary CS 25.07.2023 9:45
tz73 Zimmermann Theo 41 Diversity-Multiplexing MIMO CS 25.07.2023 10:30
mm1249 Michalak Moritz 51 Spreading Rumor SN 25.07.2023 11:15
am729 Mannßhardt Arthur 54 Tight Rumor Spreading SN 25.07.2023 13:00
fk255 Krause Fabian 55 Rumor Spreading Conductance SN 25.07.2023 13:45
sk925 Klähn Sebastian 53 Gossip Aggregation SN 25.07.2023 14:30
jk867 Küken Jaris 61 Cluster IoT CS 25.07.2023 15:15