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Wireless Sensor Networks (Sommer 2016)



  • 18.07.2016 Lecture is canceled. Please visit PhD defense of Christian Ortolf at 1pm in 101-02-016/018 instead
  • 18.04.2016 2pm, 101-01-009/013 First lecture
  • 11.04.2016 Website is online 


In this lecture we present the networking aspect of sensor and actuator networks. Starting from existing systems we present algorithms and protocols for all networking layers. We discuss the lifetime of a sensor network and energy consumption. Also, the coverage, localization and data aggregation will be covered.


Lecture (Prof. Christian Schindelhauer)

  • Monday, 14 - 16 Uhr  c.t., building 101 room 01-009/013
  • Wednesday, 8 - 9 Uhr c.t.,  building 101 room 01-009/013

Exercises (Joan Bordoy and Amir Bannoura)

  • Wednesday, 9 - 10 Uhr c.t., building. 101 room 01-009/013



There is a forum for discussions, questions, answers.



  1. Organisation (pdf)
  2. Basics (pdf)
  3. Multiplexing (pdf)
  4. Overview (pdf)
  5. Medium Access (pdf)
  6. Routing (pdf)
  7. WSN Routing (pdf)
  8. Geometric Routing (pdf)
  9. Wake-Up Receivers (pdf)
  10. Managing Energy Harvesters (pdf)
  11. Localization (pdf)


  1. Organisation, Network Layers (recordingannotated slides)
  2. Physical layer, frequency, Fourier transformation, modulation (recordingannotated slides)
  3. Modulation, Multiplexing (recordingannotated slides)
  4. CDMA (recordingannotated slides)
  5. Medium Access, Aloha, CSMA, MACA (recordingannotated slides)
  6. MACAW (recordingannotated slides)
  7. Preamble Sampling, S-MAC (recordingannotated slides)
  8. T-MAC, B-MAC (recordingannotated slides)
  9. Routing, Distance-Vector, Link-State, Flooding (recordingannotated slides)
  10. DSR, AODV (recordingannotated slides)
  11. DYMO, OLSR (recordingannotated slides)
  12. LEACH (recordingannotated slides)
  13. CTP (recordingannotated slides)
  14. RPL (recordingannotated slides)
  15. Geometric Routing, Greedy, Recovery, Face Routing  (recordingannotated slides)
  16. Geometric Routing, Face Routing (recordingannotated slides)
  17. Grid based Routing, Location Service (recordingannotated slides)
  18. Location Service (recordingannotated slides)
  19. Wake-up Receivers  (recordingannotated slides)
  20. Energy Harvesting Management (recordingannotated slides)
  21. Localization: Overview (recordingannotated slides)
  22. Localization: Dead Reckoning, Triangulation (recordingannotated slides)
  23. Localization: Trilateration, Multilateration, Anchor-free Localization (recordingannotated slides)
  24. Localization: Approaches to Anchor-free Localization (recordingannotated slides)


Exercise sheets 

  1. Physical layer (pdf, 27.04.2016)
  2. Fourier Transform (pdf, 04.05.2016)
  3. Mac layer in IEEE 802.15.4 (pdf, 11.05.2016)
  4. Backoff algorithms (pdf, 25.05.2016)
  5. Distance Vector (pdf, 01.06.2016)
  6. Aggregation (pdf, 08.06.2016)
  7. ETX, CTL, RPL (pdf, 15.06.2016)
  8. Geometric Routing (pdf, 22.06.2016)
  9. Grid routing, beaconless routing (pdf, 27.06.2016)
  10. Energy harvesting (pdf, 06.07.2016)
  11. Localization (pdf, 12.07.2016)


Registration for the exam is done via HISinOne. Don't be late. There will be a 30 minutes oral exam.


  • Holger Karl and Andreas Willig,  Protocols and Architectures for Wireless Sensor Networks, Wiley, 200
  • Ilyas and Mahgoub, Handbook of Sensor Networks: Compact Wireless and Wired Sensing Systems, CRC Press, 2005
  • Jie Wu, Handbook on Theoretical and Algorithmic Aspects of Sensor, Ad Hoc Networks and Peer-to-Per Networks, Auerbach, 2005
  • John G. Proakis and Masoud Salehi, Fundamentals of Communication Systems, Pearson, 2014

Further literature will be published here.